Beauty may only be skin deep, but it's the only part that shows.


It’s inevitable that after all the years we’ve spent squinting, laughing, scowling and rolling our eyes it would catch up with us. At first it’s just a couple of “smile lines” but then one day we wake up and those cute little lines have become full-on wrinkles. For those who’d like to delay the growing-up process, Botox can be a great way to slow Mother Nature down.

Our approach to Botox is conservative - with the goal of creating a natural relaxed appearance.

Pricing: $13.50 per unit



SkinMedica’s TNS Complex is created from the cultures that were used to grow newborn skin cells into skin tissue for burn victims. As the skin tissue grows it generates over 110 different growth factors, matrix proteins and cytokines — it is the natural balance that is found in young, healthy skin. The TNS Complex is then combined with antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and other anti-aging components to create SkinMedica’s renowned product line.

Available at your local clinic.


Say goodbye to that last inch forever! Eliminate stubborn fat without surgery or downtime.

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment for the permanent reduction of fat that uses controlled cooling to safely freeze your fat cells. During the treatment, 25% of the fat cells in the area treated will freeze to a temperature that shuts them down. Once the fat cells are frozen, the body naturally eliminates them as natural waste. Perfect for muffin-top, love handles, and bra fat!

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Pricing - in general:

Each cycle costs $700.

Most areas (e.g. abdomen, flanks, inner + outer thighs, etc.) require between 2-4 cycles to treat the entire area adequately.

That being said, CoolSculpting is a very personalized procedure so the best way to get an idea of your costs would be to come in and have a free consultation with our doctor.




Do you ever wonder what you would look like without your wrinkles?

Juvéderm can instantly smooth your lines and wrinkles and restore your skin’s natural volume and youthful appearance.

Go ahead, lie about your age …


Juvéderm Ultra XC $550/vial*

Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC $575/vial*

Juvéderm Voluma XC $750/vial‡


* Results typically last one year with just a single treatment.

‡ Results typically last two years with just a single treatment.

XC = with Lidocaine



Latisse is the only prescription treatment that is proven to increase the length, fullness and darkness of eyelashes. In less than 16 weeks Latisse can double the length of your eyelashes … and generate a lot of second looks.

Pricing: $130 per kit