One life

Dr. Haynes received his Medical Degree from Oregon Health Medical School in 1999 and completed his residency training through the University of Washington. After receiving his board certification in Family Medicine, he moved south in search of sunshine and opened up a private practice in beautiful San Diego.

While working at his clinic Dr. Haynes began to notice that every year more and more of his patients were gaining weight and developing weight related health problems. Concerned about this growing trend he began trying to help them to lose weight, but while insurance companies will pay for gastric bypass and lap-band, they won’t cover weight loss. So in 2008, growing increasingly concerned and becoming frustrated by the limitations placed on him by the “business of medicine” Dr. Haynes decided to leave his clinical practice and focus full-time on helping people to lose weight.

He initially accepted an offer to be the Medical Director for a new weight loss company that seemed to be producing successful weight loss. However, he quickly grew discouraged at the large number of patients that ended up gaining their weight back after they finished. He began to research other weight loss programs but discovered that this lack of long-term success was common to all of them. While many of the programs were relatively successful at creating short-term weight loss, they were universally ineffective at producing long-term success. At that point he realized that if he wanted a program that was going to produce permanent results he would have to create it himself. He spent the next couple of years studying and experimenting and slowly putting together what would eventually become the One Life Diet.

In late 2009 he decided to make the jump and put his theory to the test. In his first three weeks on the diet he lost twenty-one pounds and over the next two months he lost another twenty-nine. In less than three months he had reached a goal that he’d been struggling with for over thirty years. At that point he knew he was onto something incredible.

He next enlisted the help of his wife, siblings, childhood friends, colleagues – really anyone who was willing to give his diet a try. Each time, no matter what the circumstances – old or young, male or female, 10 pounds or 100, recent weight gain or a lifelong struggle – they all lost weight fast.

And the best part … they’ve all kept it off. Every single one.

Dr. Haynes then set out to build a clinical program that would create an environment that would be as exceptional as the diet itself. In May of 2010 he opened his One Life clinic in Solana Beach. The moment you walk inside you can tell that it’s not like any other weight loss clinic. It’s clear that this isn’t a franchise or some add-on service to his medical practice and it’s obvious that everyone there loves what they’re doing. And they’re really, really good at it. Crazy good.

Dr. Haynes stays up to date in the world of medical weight loss as an active member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, The Obesity Society and the Obesity Action Coalition. He spends his free time trying to keep up with his two young sons and his beautiful wife.

For media inquires or interview availability please send an email to One Life Public Relations