About One life WHY ONE LIFE?

One Life’s goal isn’t simply quick weight loss, it’s permanent weight loss. And every aspect of the One Life Diet has been designed with permanent weight loss as its true focus. Rather than taking you out of your life to temporarily follow our diet, we fit our concepts to your lifestyle – we customize One Life to fit your life. By basing the One Life Diet on real life and real foods it enables you to change your old habits and to establish new ones while you’re losing weight. The tools and knowledge you gain along the way create the foundation for your lifelong success.

Family physician and weight loss expert, Jonathan Haynes, MD created One Life with the intention of redefining weight loss. After years of study and experimentation Dr. Haynes created the One Life Diet based on a true understanding of the science behind weight loss and deep personal insight into the psychology behind losing weight. He then added a healthy dose of common sense, recognizing that no matter how successful his diet was, if it wasn’t easy to follow people wouldn’t stick to it. His goal wasn’t just for One Life to be the most successful diet you would ever try, but for it to also be the easiest. And the last.

Once he was finished creating the One Life Diet, Dr. Haynes set out to create a weight loss experience that would be as distinctive and effective as the diet itself. The atmosphere in the One Life clinics is playful and loving with a comfortable, family-like environment. And while your weekly appointments are private, one-on-one visits, everyone at the clinic is involved in your weight loss journey. They are all passionate about weight loss and they are also all extremely good at what they do. The result is a weight loss experience that is completely different than any you have experienced before.

One Life has two convenient locations in San Diego: Solana Beach and at The Forum Shopping Center in the Encinitas/Carlsbad area.



Jonathan Haynes, MD in his own words.